Friday, July 2, 2010

LOST: Season 7

I am getting married in less than 36 hours, but last night I had this really epic dream about Lost, so instead of doing wedding-related things, I want to write about this awesome dream.

You know how, at least in the movies, someone who is grieving over a lost loved one who they never got to make peace with will have a dream about the person in which they achieve closure? This was like that, except it was bringing closure to my relationship with Lost instead of my relationship with a human being. I dreamed that I was watching Season 7 of Lost, and it was perfect in every way.

When people were getting all pissed off over the series ending without a lot of answers, the writers were like "Dude, it was all about the CHARACTERS, so our ending was perfect because it focused on the CHARACTERS and not the MYSTERY." I didn't hate the finale, but this is a lame excuse because if the show were really all about character development, they wouldn't have made one of the biggest mistakes they made in Seasons 4-6, which was to continually introduce not just one or two but dozens of new characters who then needed to get personalities and backstories, taking away precious screentime that could have been better spent on the Sayid/Desmond bromance.

So the first reason that my Season 7 was perfect was that it was very narrow in its focus on a very small group of characters. In my version of Lost, the main characters were now:
  • Sayid
  • Claire
  • Actual Locke
  • Faraday
  • Better Kate
Better Kate was me. You know how when you are watching something in a dream, you shift back and forth between being a viewer and a firsthand participant in whatever you are watching? In my dream, I was sitting on my bed watching Season 7 on my laptop, but I was also a main character in Season 7, who I guess had replaced the actual Kate, who had evidently been killed off at the beginning of the season. Sayid and Claire were very much the main characters, but there were, because this was MY dream after all, a few very touching and romantic love scenes between Sayid and Better Kate.

You will notice that Desmond was missing. I assume that is because when I woke up, I had only gotten through half of the season, and I am sure he would have shown up if I had stayed asleep a little longer.

The other thing that made Season 7 perfect was that, aside from the Sayid/Me love story, it was all science. I'm not a genius, though, so the way I knew it was all science was because Faraday was there and he kept saying science words, like "Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle" and "Casimir Effect." The only thing that mattered to me was that he was saying these words, instead of vaguely hinting at them, and that meant that the show was actually facing the music and letting itself be an awesome show about theoretical physics instead of a decent show about magic.

I wish I could give you some more detail about what actually happened in my imaginary Season 7, but it was a dream, and all that I remember was that at the end of the last episode I saw before I woke up, there was a big reveal, which was that Locke had a daughter who had died at a young age after being brainwashed in Room 23, so Claire went into Room 23 to find out what happened there. That brings me to the last thing that made by dream-Lost better than actual Lost, which was that the big reveals in my dream were a) actually unexpected, and b) tied back into other unsolved mysteries of the series, rather than exploding out of nowhere.

So that was my dream about Lost. It was pretty special. Now I have made peace with the show, and I can move on with my life, maybe.